Ontario to carry out digital evidence management system for police

Ontario plans to implement a digital evidence management system for police.

The province says the cloud-based system will allow police to securely capture, store, manage and share digital evidence.

Solicitor-General Sylvia Jones says the new system will rid officers of the practice of transporting evidence in person and free up their time.

The system will allow easy storage and sharing of large audio and video files and photographs that can be securely sent to Crown attorneys and other police forces.

The program will be made available to provincial enforcement agencies including the Ontario Provincial Police, First Nations police and the Correctional Services Oversight and Investigations unit.

The province says Axon Public Safety Canada won the contract to deliver the new system.

This article first published here www.theglobeandmail.com/canada/article-ontario-to-implement-digital-evidence-management-system-for-police-2/

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